Prof. Alina Tomi a participat în Bulgaria la un training privind Proiectele Erasmus

Prof. Alina Tomi a participat în Bulgaria la un training privind Proiectele Erasmus.
O felicităm și așteptăm să aplice cele învățate în opționalul de Teatru pe care l-a propus și pentru anul școlar 2021-2022.
In July 2021 I had the privilege of participating in a one week Erasmus+ training course on improvisation and theatre techniques in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, held by Smokinya Foundation.
It was an incredibly uplifting experience that taught me so much and which reminded me of how important hands-on experience actually is. It was a very active, practical and experiential course that stressed the importance of non-formal education and approaching situations and activities with a different frame of mind.
My first moment: laughter. I did not expect the training to be so much fun and to share so many laughs with the other participants from Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece or Hungary. In fact, no matter our age or background, we all seemed to love being involved in the activities conducted by Gergely Kiss (aka Geri), our trainer from Hungary, who knew how to ease our way into the activities.
My second moment: “serious play”. We laughed a lot, but I personally learned so many activities and discovered so many approaches of improvisation and how to use this tool when working with young people, whether this is during counselling classes, drama or English classes.
My third moment: Impro. I managed to see improvisation as much more than getting on stage and acting something out. Improvisation involves being creative, adapting quickly to new situations, working in a team, going with the flow. Improvisation can be a very innovative method to introduce during our classes but also to overcome barriers in this unstable world. Aren’t we all meant to teach that to our students?
My fourth moment: storytelling. As an English teacher, this segment was right up my street, since it offered a wide range of fun speaking activities meant to develop one’s imagination and creativity together with vocabulary. Storytelling is also a means of active listening, emotional and social development. Through stories, whether they are fun or serious, a teacher can inspire and educate.
My fifth moment: the growth mindset. This was an essential key-concept, since we all want to be perfect and succeed, but during this training course, making mistakes, accepting that things will not go our (only) way and seeing challenges as learning opportunities represented the steps to follow in our personal and professional development.

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